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A spotlight on sandbags

Three of our most popular markets for sandbags are flood protection, highways, and construction where our sandbags are highly sought after for their cost-effectiveness and variation of uses. But an expanding creative range of uses has seen a surge in demand from different industries and we thought it would be interesting to highlight the top five.

  1. In the demolition industry, hessian sandbags offer unrivalled blast protection, reducing the distance that blast and fragmentation travel and also protecting personnel, equipment, and property from the effects of blast and fragmentation. This ensures minimal disruption to the surrounding area and minimises the risk of injury from the blast.

  2. Filmmaking locations, theatre sets, and photography studios regularly use sandbags for securing rigging, set scenery and props, and are commonly seen acting as cord weights for theatre tracks. They are just the right size and weight to handle in confined spaces. Choosing the colour of your sandbag will often depend on whether it will be in view. Black woven polypropylene blends into the equipment they are weighing down while for schools, universities, or local drama groups, the colour of the sandbag is secondary to available resources. We have many colours and types to suit all budgets.

  3. The sports industry and recreational outdoor activities such as archery, shooting ranges, and paintballing have seen an increase in the use of hessian sandbags. Another useful possibility for our sacks is in school sack races. Our largest sack, which is 60x109cm, is perfect for this occasion. This is due to them being strong and durable, so it’s unlikely your child’s leg will rip through the material mid-race!

  4. Sandbags were used on the military fields during World War I and II and provided troops with protection in their trenches. To this day, sandbags are still seen throughout the military and therefore war reenactment societies continue to add authenticity to their events with sandbagged bunkers and walls.

  5. There is no doubt that flooding is one of the most devastating events that can affect an allotment or a garden. We should expect to see more frequent flooding in the future since scientists predict that climate change will continue to intensify. Subscribing to weather alerts and having a supply of sandbags available will aid the protection of your precious crops.

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