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Choosing the Right Sandbags for Your Needs

Choosing the Right Sandbags for Your Needs

Hessian Sandbags: Bio-Degradable and Versatile

Hessian sandbags are a great eco-friendly choice, made from bio-degradable material. Even when treated for UV rays, rot, and mildew, they eventually decompose, making them wildlife-friendly. Their uses extend beyond flood defence, including military, traffic management, demolition, and creating natural-looking garden walls and borders. These sandbags typically hold 15kg of sand.

UV Protected Woven Polypropylene Sandbags: Durability and Reusability

UV stabilised woven polypropylene sandbags are designed to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight, making them ideal for demanding applications like extended flood protection, defensive walls, and traffic management signage. These heavy-duty sandbags are reusable and offer long-term cost benefits. They also typically hold 15kg of sand.

Bulk Bags of Sand for Flood Defence: Large Scale Protection

For large-scale flood defence, bulk sandbags, also known as dumpy bags, builders bags, big bags, or ton bags, are filled with sand to create dam-like structures. These bulk bags are effective in preventing water from overflowing streams and rivers and diverting water away from highways and properties.

Choosing the right type of sandbag depends on your specific needs, whether it's environmental considerations, durability, or large-scale protection. Each type offers unique benefits to ensure effective flood defence and other applications.

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