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When Were Sandbags Invented?

When Were Sandbags Invented?

Sandbags have been a crucial tool in various applications, from flood protection and military use to construction and emergency management. But when exactly were sandbags invented? This blog post will explore the history of sandbags, their evolution over time, and how LC Packaging and its side arm, Sandbags Online, have continued this tradition.

The Early History of Sandbags

The concept of using bags filled with sand for protection and building can be traced back to ancient times. However, the widespread use of sandbags as we know them today began in the 18th and 19th centuries. Initially, sandbags were primarily used for military fortifications and flood defences.

Military Use During wars, especially in the 18th and 19th centuries, sandbags were used to build temporary fortifications, trenches, and protective barriers. Their ability to absorb and deflect bullets and shrapnel made them invaluable on the battlefield.

Flood Protection As urban areas grew and the risk of flooding increased, sandbags became a standard method for creating barriers against rising waters. Their ease of use and effectiveness made them a go-to solution for emergency flood response.

The Modern Evolution of Sandbags

As materials and manufacturing techniques improved, the modern sandbag evolved. Traditionally made from burlap or hessian, contemporary sandbags are also made from more durable materials like polypropylene. These advancements have increased the lifespan and effectiveness of sandbags in various applications.

Our History

In the 1920s, there were many bag traders in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam. It was then that Wilhelmus Lammers, known as Wim, set up his own company and started trading in used jute bags, the predominant packaging material at the time. Used jute bags were bought, cleaned, repaired if needed, and sold. Wim was certainly not the only one. He was more like one of many. But with tens of millions of bags traded every year, the market was by no means saturated. What is special is that the company he started in 1923 as NV Zakkenhandel v/h W. Lammers is still active more than 100 years later. 

The Fourth Generation

Whilst it has changed names to Lammers & Van Cleeff BV and later to LC Packaging, the family-run company has grown into a multinational company with colleagues spread over Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. The fourth Lammers generation is now in charge and our range of services has expanded considerably with new products and our own production facilities. Yet, the soul of the company has never changed. Committed, Reliable, and Loyal: those were the core values of the company back then and they still are now. The jute bag is still one of our key products. The history of LC Packaging tells the story of bold entrepreneurship, close partnerships, vision, and honesty. Always.

Here is a video which explains our history in more detail.

Sandbags Online: A Modern Solution

In the UK, LC Packaging's side arm is Sandbags Online, which continues the legacy of providing high-quality sandbags for various needs. Sandbags Online offers empty and pre-filled sandbags, same-day dispatch, and free delivery across mainland UK, making it easier than ever to obtain reliable and effective sandbags for any situation.


The invention and evolution of sandbags have had a significant impact on flood protection, military defence, and various other applications. From their early use in ancient times to their modern-day applications, sandbags have proven to be an essential tool. With companies like LC Packaging and Sandbags Online continuing this tradition, you can trust in the quality and reliability of these indispensable items.

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