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Superior Flour Packaging Solutions


Superior Flour Packaging Solutions

Choose the best packaging for your flour from our diverse selection:

  • Brown Paper Sack with Block Bottom: This 3-ply natural kraft paper sack with a brown outer layer can hold approximately 12.5 kg of flour.

  • Bleached Paper Sack with Block Bottom: Made from 3-ply natural kraft paper with a bleached outer layer, ideal for holding 25 kg of flour.

  • Valve Sack: This 3-ply natural kraft paper sack with a bleached outer layer features a 15 cm wide external valve and perforations for air escape, suitable for packing 25 kg of flour.

  • FIBC Bag: Perfect for transporting large quantities of up to 1000 kg, with an option to manufacture to Food Grade standard.

We offer bespoke services tailored to your needs, with many popular sizes readily available from stock. Benefit from our fast delivery service, stockholding agreements, and consistent quality from our long-term production partners. We are ISO9001 certified and BRC compliant, ensuring peace of mind and supporting your sustainability goals with our ambitious 2030 vision.

For more information or to discuss your specific requirements, contact us at,uk or visit our website:


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