Get a good night’s sleep even when floods are predicted!

Get a good night’s sleep even when floods are predicted!

The fact is, we are quite accustomed to seeing headlines like these:

 “London will experience torrential rain today and huge flooding has sparked  a major incident in Scotland."

 “The South West of England and Wales are under yellow weather warnings for rain until tomorrow afternoon.”

“Over southern Scotland and northern England, heavy rain warnings are in force, including an amber alert for Lincoln which warns of "danger to life” from fast flowing or deep flood waters".

Preparing for the Great British weather has become an essential part of keeping our communities, companies and colleagues safe. There are many ways to deal with potential floods, and a major one is with keeping water at bay. Here are our top tips on being prepared for all that the customary wet weather can throw at us. LC Packaging has been providing its customers with high quality products for almost 100 years making us a major player worldwide for agricultural packaging. 

1) Sandbags

Sandbags are vital to prevent flooding.

Stacked sandbags are an effective deterrent against flood waters. To limit erosion caused by flooding, sandbags can be used to build levees, barricades, dikes and berms. Sandbags can also be used to reinforce existing flood control structures. Another use is to hold down road signs and within the construction industry

2) Sand

Sandbags for flood control should be filled one-half to two-thirds full. 

Sandbags must settle flat to the ground when stacked or laid in place. The sandbags will not seal properly against the ground or the structure if they are over two-thirds full. When placed on the ground, sandbags filled to less than one-half fail to form an adequate seal.

3) Alerts

Be prepared to act when the flood warning arrives in your inbox or mobile.

Have a series of social media posts and example images (or previous flood images) at your fingertips. Provide helpline telephone numbers to your community, customers and colleagues. 

4) Filled sandbags

Pre-filled sandbags save you time, effort and are ready for immediate use. 

Pre-filled sandbags are filled before being dispatched using the correct type and amount of sand. This can make them more time-efficient and less expensive.

5) Emergency Supplies

The availability of a reliable sandbag provider is vital.

Be sure you can receive a guaranteed delivery within 24 hours; even the best laid plans don't always work out! 


   Hessian jute sandbags
Hessian jute filled sandbags
White Polypropylene pre-filled sandbags
White Polypropylene sandbags


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Let LC Packaging support you in your sandbag planning

With guaranteed delivery in 24 hours across the UK, you can be sure that the flood risk plans you need to implement will be deliverable.

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